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Talent Acquisitions – Continuum of Services

  • Retained Search

    Roles that require specific skills or industry confidentiality and are critical to the organization often require exclusive attention and dedicated efforts, mainly comprising the board of directors and CXOs. Our retained search solution caters to this need of the organization. In this the goalposts and timelines of the search solution are pre-determined, periodic review of the process is inbuilt, and every candidate is presented after a thorough research across all pre-determined parameters.

    Retained search necessarily implies a joint effort between the relationship manager dedicated to the search and the concerned HR manager. Our objective is to design a bespoke process to head-hunt the candidate who is most suitable for the role in the organization. Quest Consultants’ comprehensive assessment & selection process enables to identify and reach out to business leaders with strategic orientation and distinctive track record.

  • Head-hunting & Executive Placement

    The most critical element to be successful is ensuring a fit between the role requirement, the skill and personality of the candidate, and his or her willingness to align with the organizational culture and its vision. The selection and consequently elimination processes are so designed that each successive step either selects the right candidate or rejects the irrelevant one thus ensuring not only higher hit rate but also performance and longevity.

    Quest Consultants' comprehensive, disciplined approach helps in identifying suitable candidates matching the positional requirements. The strong executive assessment model helps in benchmarking the performance effectiveness of boards, directors, leaders and executive teams.

  • Manpower planning & Salary Survey

    This looks at the people-position fitment at the organizational level and therefore as a strategic intervention. It populates the organogram so as to make it a living entity and not create non-permeable silos, where each position and the person who occupies it engages with the other. This function, therefore, is performed in such a way that organizations attain organic unity and develop synthesizing capabilities.

    Quest Consultants' capabilities of trusted processes and extensive databank provide an edge in staffing and recruitment planning. This time-tested process ensures the best profile is matched for the position, keeping in mind the organizational demands of the role.

  • Management & HR Consultancy

    HR adds value only when it contextualizes itself in business. Generic and template driven HR does not deliver. It is in this context that management and HR consultancy are inextricably linked and is offered together since one is meaningless without the other. Optimal solutions begin with the desired business impact and work backwards to formulate HR solutions.

    Quest Consultants’ team of experienced HR consultants are committed to delivering value to the clients. No matter how complex the business queries, rely on Quest Consultants to help improve business performance and achieve measurable, sustainable results.